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A SAffer In Denmark (Part 2)
lols Wrote:I beginning to think that getting British Citizenship is actually rather easy considering the silly Life in the UK test you have to complete!

Good Luck Venus I'm sure it will be worth it in the end. It's amazing what us ladies do for love :hartlik:

Thanks for alll your support & encouragement! :thumbs:

lols, it is much easier to get citizenship in UK. All immigrants to Denmark have to attend Danish Integration School. It takes most students 2 to 3 years to complete. There are six modules in the course. At the end of each module there is a test & at the end of all six is a final exam. Only with 85% attendance & a pass on the tests & exams may an immigrant apply for permanent residence. The classes together with the homework given is, basically, full time. This means that we are unable to work full time whilst studying. Immigrants have to rely on someone else to support them financially during this time. I'm going to be on the doorstep of 40 before I'm finished. :dazed:

PS: Did I mention that we have singing on a Monday? :crylol:
Danish school is going much better now. :cheer: We have a brilliant teacher on a Tuesday & Wednesday. After just 2 weeks I can already understand a lot more Danish. A lot of words are similar to Afrikaans, they're just pronounced very differently. Most are complete tongue twisters & we've had some good laughs in class while we all try to pronounce them. :rofl:
Venus, As Denmark is a member state and (I think) you hold British Citizenship, you have a right to work and residence.
John01 Wrote:Venus, As Denmark is a member state and (I think) you hold British Citizenship, you have a right to work and residence.

John, I am a British Citizen. Denmark is part of the EU but only allows 3 months residence without a residence permit or certificate. If an EU citizen is actively looking for work, they may stay for 6 months. Residence for longer than 3 or 6 months requires an EU Residence Permit. They say this in all the official websites etc., however, they have made me go through the same process that all other immigrants have to go through. Jangar also had to put up a financial guarantee for me. While my application was pending, I was not allowed to work. I don't understand why they are "exept" from the usual EU right to work & residence. The Brits may have invented beaurocracy but the Danes have perfected it! :wall:
Hi Venus,

This site is informative.

The right to free movment of workers under Art. 39 requires the EU member state to allow the worker to take employment immediately on entry. Any requirement for a waiting period would be an unlawful restriction of treaty rights. Sounds like some state “misunderstanding” of the rights of EU citizens.

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