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A Thought for the Day
after having read some comments (on blogs) by the o so gracious losers

I only have this to say

The English Rose

when in a group, all you get are a bunch of pricks
[COLOR="Purple"]The results were a bit of a shock to their system - even Johnny Wilkinson went out and had one to much to drink. Smile[/COLOR]
I'm sorry to say seasider, whereas u have mentioned that rugby has been hijacked by the 'wrong supporters', the garbage written by the journalists is also appalling

the ridicule directed at the country and its supporters is pitiful

it is a disgrace

South Africa has won the WC, a victory the nation should be proud of and journalists representing the UK have been shameful

disrespectful and a show of general callous behaviour
each to their own

It wasn't a try


[SIZE="1"]now about that 2 finger smilie[/SIZE]

the Telegraph article is written by John Eales


[SIZE="1"]need we remind you who he is Wink of course unless it is a different eales?[/SIZE]
Another great picture more conclusive evidence
by the way .. the Eurosport article is written by Terence O'Rorke / Eurosport


at least he could have had the soup and dropped the O'
Seasider, like you say, all of the people I have met who know anything about rugby have been extremely gracious. The yob element are best just ignored as it would otherwise just spoil the win.

The tabloid press are just that, tabloid and best left alone and people like Brian Moore are the exeption. They could all do with taking a leaf from Vickery's book, whilst you could see he was hurting badly, he remained ever gracious.
seasider please do note that this thread is in the sports banter forum, so hopefully it doesn't bite too deep

some of the reporting has been terrible, in the build up and after the match
yes...including all that rubbish about a win for SA will be a win for rugby etc etc...

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