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An hours journey in youtube
Just thought I'd share an hour or so with you of my time spent on you tube Smile

Ready for a trip down a weird memory lane?

I'll post the links I am watching.

But be prepared for drastic non-sensical chops and changes Big Grin

First is:

Johnny Calls the Chemist

Pretty boring as it's the video on the cd.

Gives a brief biography of Penelope Jane Dunlop, known to us as P.J. Powers...

This to me should be S.A.'s National anthem...

Which of course leads on to my second choice of a national anthem which is...
A nice african beat to the last one which leads me to this one...
From one sporting great to another...

This should no doubt lead us into some techno music...
And so it did with this song...

Feel like the ball inside a pinball machine?

Well help is here...
Anyone remember this song?

Was banned in SA but Radio LM used to broadcast it, though never the second half as it was too heavy !!!
While on the subject of banned...

Can you believe this tune was banned too...
Very reminiscent of Vangelis which brings me to this one hit wonder:
Here's another one hit wonder...
On the subject of rain...

Here's a little bit of Hazell Dean:

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