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Anyone heard - Hey there Delilah
Has anyone heard the song, Hey there Delilah?

I was just reading about the background of this song and was wondering if anyone has listened to it yet?


Radio 1 play it often - well Chris moyles does. I find myself humming along to it.

You're gonna shoot me down in flames now eh?:p
no not at all

I was reading the background to the song and who it was dedicated to

found it quite interesting as it is dedicated to a 3000m SteepleChase athlete by the name of Delilah DiCrescenzo

just the whole background to the song is interesting
Scott Mills also plays it quite a bit and I quite like it. However Scott & Chappers also play the first couple of lines of the "other" version of it which is quite funny. If you go to you can download "hey there delilah (stalker version)"

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