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Become Successful

Confusedpring: Success does not depend on the two horrible M-things – "money and material possessions". It is not about what you drive, where you live or what you own. What is more, success does not revolve around our favourite word: "mine, mine, mine". People who are successful are people who have integrity (Romans 12). These are men and women who touch the lives of others and are a blessing to them. They make a difference to the way others live.

Won't you please become a new trademark for excellence? Let your love for God, your warmth and your caring be an inspiration to others! Start working on a spiritual heritage, one through which you leave your footprints in heavenly rock and not in sand. Do not walk over people. No, walk with them and encourage them. Do not walk in front of other people. Walk behind them and help them when they get lost. Do not tower above others, no, be a servant who looks after them well. Let the love of the Lord spill over to them by speaking gentle words and doing kind deeds. Make a living difference in the lives of others. If you do, you are successful in the right way in the eyes of the right Person. Confusedpring:


Stephan Joubert


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