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Bedtime stories
I think Bedtime stories between parent & child is very important.
So do I, Curio !!

There's nothing like a little body smelling of baby powder and cream, cuddling up to you - and the awe and amazement of discovering all that amazing new insight with them !!!

I agree with you, Curio! My son loves his bedtime story. I have a chair in his room & he sits cuddled up on my lap. He's still at the age where he loves one particular story, so every night we read "Winnie The Pooh & His Friends - Blackberry Surprise". We both almost know the words off by heart! Big Grin
I love Bedtime stories, Ross has to give me a subject then I make up a story problem for James is I tell him one and then he doesn't sleep as he can't see the story with the lights off
Never say never
Even though my daughter is now a teenager, I still sometimes read to her, of course not fairy tales but like things out of a magazine. We also sometimes just lie on the bed together reading our own magazines/books.
I think it's about spending quality time together.

My mom & dad always read to us when we were kids & well into our teens. Holidays were very special & that was when my dad read us many of the great books like The Hobbit & The Wind In The Willows. It definitely introduced us to the wonderful world of fiction! Big Grin
We read a bible story every night at bedtime..and although my son is 11 this time he still has his favourite one..Daniel in die Leeukuil Smile

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