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Celeriac Puree
A simple recipe that marries well with fish or meat


6 Large Celeriac, peeled and diced
300g Shallots, sliced
1no Celery, washed and sliced
500ml White wine
500ml Vegetable stock
1000ml Double Cream
250g Butter
Salt and pepper to taste.

Sweat the shallots in the melted butter. Add the sliced celery and wine. Reduce.
Add the diced celeriac and sweat some more. Add the vegetable stock and reduce.

Add the cream and 'poach' the celeriac for 90minutes over a low heat.
Strain and reserve to one side the juices as well as the celeriac.
Blend the cooked pulp until smooth, moisten with a little of the juices.
In another saucepan, reduce the liquid and add the reduction to the puree.
Mix in well and pass through a sieve.

When reheating, place a little cream and a knob of butter. Correct the seasoning if need be

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