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Children & Emigration
:hug: Our little one struggled with Welsh (school is Welsh only - English comes later) but thanks to the school being open minded they give her extra lessons and is flourishing. Admittedly it took long time.

She is also a fussy eater and drives me up the wall at times, but we let her eat her fave food - pasta and now, after two years, has started to experiment with new foods (friends have a lot to do with it.)She loves fruit so that was a help on the vitimn front.

the fact that there is a little girl with Danny in the same boat won't make him feel so isolated. Perhaps invite her and her parents around, watching a friend eat might make him more adventurous. If he likes fruit let him eat as much as poss. From XP the more you hassle him on it, the more he'll refuse.

Children (and some adults) don't like change and children are unable to tell us how they are feeling so they 'act' out in a way that grabs our attention. Danny has grabbed your attention by not eating. Children will not let themselves go hungry. Walk away when he won't eat and leave the plate infront of him. He will eat it eventually. Just don't lose your temper as he will then get a complex about food. :luck:
Venus Wrote:A big thank you for all your support, input & advice. :lovebuzz:

Nikkinaz, I'll definitely investigate those books. They sound like they'll be useful, especially seeing as we're a family of three different nationalities.

Dudette, you have given wonderful advice. Danny & I will be visiting my Dad later this month. We also allow Danny to phone, text & email my Dad whenever he feels "homesick". We are planning to go somewhere fun this weekend so I'll definitely use the photo idea. Fortunately, we live in an area frequented by holiday makers so there are lots of fun activities during the summer months.

I must admit that I'm not 100% happy with the kindergarten he's going to but it's the only one in our area & at least the children are local. Also the teachers are making a very big effort to help him. It's very different from the pre-school he was attending in UK.

We have recently adopted two cats & Danny does love them. They've certainly helped to make me feel more settled. :p

Cubbie, there is a little girl in Danny's class who has just started learning Danish. Her father is American. She & Danny are being given an hour of Danish lessons together. We've also just discovered that they live across the road from us. After talking to her mom, it seems this little girl has been through pretty much the same as Danny. We've arranged that the two of them play together at home too, hoping they can become friends. Smile

Hi Venus

Couldn't offer any advice as I don't have any children and have not gone through this but it sounds like you are doing everything right, so good luck, he sounds like a great kid and I am sure in time he will settle in.

Take care.
Thanks, gwasi. We try very hard not to make a fuss about him not eating. If he doesn't want to eat, I just say "okay" & leave it at that. But it does make me stressed! Big Grin

Thanks, Tracy. Smile

We've made a point the last couple of weeks of having family fun time. We've been for picnics on the beach, yesterday we visited the aquarium & have taken lots of photos.
This is a tough one Venus. I know its normal for children to go through periods where they just don't want to eat...

But I can see that it may also be caused by the move, and adjusting to Danish lifestyle. Its not easy, and especially when there is a language barrier... I think its great that his teachers are making an effort, and even better that he has found a friend that he can speak english to. Smile

Does he watch danish kids programs? cartoons etc in danish...? not that it matters much but it might be able to help him with language too. Also René was given a book from my sister when he was smaller, it was kind of like a dictionary with common words for things in English and their corrosponding names in Danish..with pictures to help...Try and find something like that for him....

Family fun time is a good idea, where you can talk about what things are called in Danish etc...and how funny it might sound...give him some associations which will help him. For eg...when he has to E-mail him Mor-far (Mothers father) etc..

He will come around I am sure, just give him time.. Smile I will be dealing with the same issue partly with our move back to SA, cause René is not as strong in written english, despite being able to understand and speak it fluently...and this does not include ja we are looking towards some tough times ahead also.
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