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Fluffy Butter - for lobster, fish or prawn gratin
Fluffy Butter
[SIZE="2"](For this you will need a bowl mixer with a pastry attachment)[/SIZE]
Y= 30 portions

6 x 250g Diced unsalted butter, softened
160g Self-raising flour
6no Egg yolks
3no Whole eggs
150ml Limejuice
80g Fresh basil, washed and chopped
80g Fresh thyme, chopped
60g Maldon salt
30g Mustard powder
30g Cracked white pepper
60g Garlic puree

Soften the cubed butter in the mixing bowl for 30 minutes. Using the pastry attachment beat the butter on a high speed until pale yellow and creamy. Add the ingredients slowly, whilst the beater is on a low speed.
Mix thoroughly until all ingredients are incorporated into the mix.
Cover and leave to stand in a cool place until required. Refrigerate after use.

Grill the lobster/ prawns or fish until just cooked. This can be done on an open fire for the smoky flavour or in the kitchen at home.
Place the cooked seafood ‘presentation side’ up. Spoon a decent amount of the fluffy butter onto the surface and grill under the salamander/ grill setting of the oven, until slightly browned.
The butter will ‘soufflé’ slightly and form a slight crust, with the melted butter giving that added twang and moisture to the fish.
Whilst the recipe is for seafood predominantly, it can be used for chicken and some vegetarian dishes.

[SIZE="2"]This is a variation on a recipe I was taught many years ago at a famous seafood restaurant[/SIZE]

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