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Frank Lord - Cape Town City
MJR Wrote:I can guess who mcamp is. Played with him at Marist. I think he joined Tramway after i became a referee in 1988.

Yep John you would guess right then Smile
mikethedonner1 Wrote:Any news on any update to restore the memory of halcyon days of south african football. My dad, Andy Donnelly played in goal for Cape Town City under Frank Lord. Hartleyvale on Friday nights, sitting in the green railways stand watching some of the names below-magical!

Andy Donnelly
Terry Gulliver
Ken Scott
Ernie Yard
Ben Anderson
Willie Hunter
Jimmy Morrison
Gary France
Jingles Perreira
and others

Fantastic memories, we were still in Junior School when this was all going down those days before TV this was entertainment. The magazine's we'd buy with pocket money were Shoot and Goal, that came about because of the overseas players coming over as guests and the few that arrived to stay such as Andy Donnelly. If I recall he had been with Torquey United.

There are so many memories, the IFA days, the Cape Western League as an avid St Agnes scholar and supporter. Waiting by the fenced-tunnel to have a close look at the players coming out to the field. Or waiting outside at the back to get an autograph. We used to sit on that bench right in front that was directly behind the where the reserves and manager sat, or the Railway Stand. From that sideline bench looking over to the Railway Stand we could see the swings going behind the stand, the YMCA circus they had there run by Keith Anderson.
For those who wish to carry on chatting about the CWL, Cape Town City, Hellenic and the IFA please join us on Facebook ....
It is the Cape Town Football page. -

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