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French Nougat???
I am hoping that one or some of our culinary experts could give me a sure fire recipe, and some good tips on how to make that nice white soft chewy, French Nougat.

I have searched the web, and it looks like the trick is in the temperature of the caramelised syrup that one makes.

This determines the consistency of the finished product.

I am really keen to try but do not want to make a sticky sloppy mess that no one will eat and end up wasting all the ingredients.

All help appreciated.
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probably worth getting a jam thermometer if you have't already...

hard as hell to find in the shops, but easy on the web!
Howzit Jim

I can't find my recipe for it but found a few below:


French Nougat
Thanks Cheffie and Ade, :thumbs: :chef:

Tried one of the French Honey nougat recipes last nite, but sadly we will have to find a way to ensure the consistency thickens up.

I think that I may need to run the mixture through the double boiler to thicken it, as the last lot is still a bit runny. :curse:

Still both our daughters think it tastes scrummy

Ah well... If at first you don't succeed.......
[color0blue]Dit was lekker by die see... Die Bodensee ( Lake Constance )[/color]

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