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Gluhwein - a day in advance required
I cannot remember where I put my last recipe for it but its something as follows... :wall:

(Highlander.. I'm sure you're the only one who'll attempt the whole recipe Wink :innocent:
Big Grin )

(please note that the wine must not boil. it should be brought up to temperature no higher than 68c - alcohol tends to burn off at 70c )

30L Red wine
5L Orange juice
5 x 750ml Bottle brandy
20no Orange (remove skin and then chop up coarsely)
2kg Demerara sugar
30no Bay Leaves
50no Cloves
10no Cinnamon Sticks
Y= approx 37L

(reduce proportionately for smaller measures)

Bring up to temperature stirring until the sugar dissolves. Allow to cool naturally and leave to infuse for a maximum of 6 hours. Strain all the bits out and refrigerate overnight.

Reheat when required and be careful not to exceed the 68c - a digital thermometer will be quite handy Wink

Enjoy... watch out for the kick tho LOL
Heh heh, nice recipe Cheffie.

To really appreciate this stuff, one really has to visit Germany and the Christmas markets.

There is something about drinking this when it is really cold and crisp outside... and the aromas of caramelised almonds and Lebkuchen ( a cinnamon type biscuit) drift on the air... Really recommended.
[color0blue]Dit was lekker by die see... Die Bodensee ( Lake Constance )[/color]

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