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Happy Birthday to the Cook
:chef: :chef: :chef:

Happy Birthday Cheffie!

May your be just the best....

and this next year as rich and wonderful as
your Cape Malva Pudding!

Thank you for those regular chats!

:chef: :chef: :chef:
Have a good one, and leave the sauce alone Wink
Happy Birthday Cook Wink

Shot ek se!!!!


I am Immortal
I have inside me Blood of Kings!
Happy Birthday Cheffie


Let us all know , how the day went...
:mmm: another scorpio :jive:

Have a great day!

Thanks for all the kind wishes..

For my health Rolleyes I get to work tonight :wall:
Big Grin

Hopefully you'll all have a wee glass of red on me tonight..

:celeb: Happy Birthday Cheffie.. :celeb:

:tequila: Have a super day....!!! :tequila:
hey, hey have a great day!!

Sorry to hear u have to work though.

Will definately have a glass of scotch on you tonight.

Enjoy. :celeb: :bday: :celeb:
Happy happy birthday to you! :bday:
Hope you have a great day Smile

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