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Hints and tips
When my little one wants to draw, don't you think an A4 size paper is too small? and I don't find the paper strong enough to withstand crayons jabbing into them while you're drawing on the carpet. So I found a roll of wallpaper which had been marked down to 10p, tear off a large piece, tape it down on the carpet with packaging tape and voila! a durable surface for Madam to practise her drawing skills Big Grin

Instead of spending loads of money on expensive aprons for your child to wear while painting or doign messy play, just cut the bottom off a supermarket packet and pull it over her head ... the handles make perfect straps, at no cost to yourself!

Why spend loads of money buying commercial playdough? Rather make your own and add your own food colouring to it at a fraction of the cost of bought playdough!

Are there any tips you've found which work for you?
Yes, don't have kids :crylol:

Silly question time, doesn't packaging tape tear up the carpet 'hair' when you remove it ? (I'd suggest using masking tape instead)

What do you use when food colouring isn't available ? It's probably not available in this country because it may possibly cause cancer in cockroaches.... Sad
I didn't find it ripped out my carpet fibres, but you do have a point, jangar ... masking tape would probably be better Smile

For colouring I first thought of suggesting you use powder like turmeric, but it might irritate little hands ... to be on the safe side, I would rather add glitter to the playdough to provide that added bit of interest.
dudette, Jangar sure is a source of valuable knowledge!!!

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
Joan Wrote:dudette, Jangar sure is a source of valuable knowledge!!!

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Maybe I just may be everyones fave babysitter as I don't go out on Saturday evenings :p

Or perhaps I need to make my place child safe every now and then....

or I could be practically minded :haha:

These tips will come in handy sometime in the near future....

Any other tips for new babies??

My noodle is due on the 05/05/05 and I am not sure if it is a him or a her, but at the end of the month we are going for a 4 D scan to see what noodle is going to be and what he/she will be looking like. I cannot wait!

How did you all cope with new babies, no family and very little support? We are moving this weekend,a nd I don't know a single soul up where we are going.....
Hi Beanie

Blush So sorry for not answering sooner! I seem to have missed your post Blush

With regard to support for you and your baby, it can be tough, but as long as you make the effort to reach out, I am sure you will start to make a network of friends with children in your area. Ask your midwife for antenatal classes in your area - there you can get to know others with the same concerns as you.
then when your baby is born, find out about Mother and Toddler groups. Many churches run them, and even if your child is too young to use any of the equipment, it is an opportunity for you to get out there and meet parents of children of similar ages. They usually charge around £2 and accept anyone ... you needn't register or go through a rigmarole to get in.

All of the best for your scan ... hopefully your little noodle will cooperate and you'll know for sure if you can prepare in pink or blue! Smile

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