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Holiday Visa Jobs?
Quote:Originally posted by Oi!gen
My little niece will be coming to the UK shortly on a working holiday visa. Does anyone know where we can look out for a job for her? Any advice will be appreciated.

My little knowledge that I have gathered so far is that the best way to start is in a pub ... from there things can go very quickly.

I am not based there but what I remember for a "previous forum".

Hope she get's what she wants soon afterwards Oi Big Grin
....just how little is she?

I mean, if she's only like 4 or 5 years old, then I can see her being and ideal candidate for employment. Children may have the enthusiusm, but just lack the attention span needed to do an adults job....

Ok, enough rubbish talk...

Gen, what is she experienced in? Or is she just out of school? Any ideas what she is interested in doing?

A pub job would definitely be a good place to start, like FB says, because accommodation would usually be taken care of. This is usually the best way for a young, naive person to kickstart their time here, that way they can meet people and start building a "life" (even if it is a temporary one) out here by getting advice, contact and help from others in the same boat.

Alternatively, if you think she may be interested in office based work, maybe admin or secretarial, then let me know, as I will give you a list of a few recruitment agencies that will be helpful...

Keep us updated!Big Grin
Hi Oi

Pub work is start and the accomodation inclusive jobs are mainly out of the big cities. Some of the real country ones are really nice, but no life for a young person when they have time off. Depending first on how protective an upbringing she has had in SA and her personality, Pub work is not for everybody.

Down sides of Pub work is that with the terrible hours, and the social life one leads with your mates after work in the wee hours of the morning. You just get into a rut, were firstly you dont manage to save, hardly ever have time to do travel or get top know the area you live in. In a big City like London working in this industry can also lead to frequent exposre, the clubbing and all that goes along with it. So depends very much on where and what she has been exposed to in SA.

My suggestion to young people ariving in UK. Is firstly try and have to courage to move away from London, as London is NOT England and very accessable from most areas when one would like to visit or jol there. Choose and lovely Eng city like Brighton, Chester, York, Oxford, Bath for example. There the cost of acom and transport wiil not eat up a huge % of what one earns, and you will get to know England and see that there is beauty and life outside the M25.

Secondly the way to make money and save is, to have a 9 to 5 job Mon to Fri wherever. From this you pay your rent and transport cost only. The rest you save for either traveling or to take back to SA depending on ones personal goals. Then you get a waitress/waiter jobs as this includes tips and hourly rate which bar keeping does NOT. From your tips you live day to day cig, beer, cocolates, etc. and from your hourly pay here you buy cloths food etc.

With one job and living in London, you could might aswell stay at home (I am reffering to un-qualified people straight out of school).
As most NOT all, just get into a rut of working and sleeping between the irregular hours. Just surviving on their money, not managing to see much around them, and spending most of their extra time and money just partying.

Now as to where to find jobs etc. There is a magazine that comes out all over UK on a Tuesday I think it is, (but cannot for the life of me think of the name somebody please help). It caters for Saffer,Ozzies and Kiwis. Temp agencies are a good place to start, and often people get permanent post from a place they have temp at. Another I no nothing about, but believe it pays well and many SA girls do in England, are Care Workers.

Hope this hepls you and many others with some pointers, but it depends on many factors and what the goals, personality and what the person in question wants to and is prepared to do for work.

Cheers Hagar
Hagar the Lovable (and to some the Horrible) Wink
Hagar... the magazine is called TNT

I used it to get a job when I came over in the 90's on a WHV... and I agree... if you live and work in London, it is very difficult to save.... cost of living is waay higher there!
Quote:Originally posted by Bean of Love
Hagar... the magazine is called TNT

Thats the one you BEAN, thanks Wink

I think TNT has a website aswell ?
Hagar the Lovable (and to some the Horrible) Wink
To do Care work, you would need to go thru a police check - your niece wouldn't have been in the UK long enough to have a police check done...

As a lot of others have said, bar work and or waitressing is a good start for a first job here Smile

Perhaps when she's been in the country for a year, then she can look at doing care work - that's what I do, and I find it very rewarding, although it is lots of physical work ect.

Good luck to your niece Smile
Quote:Originally posted by Hagar
Thats the one you BEAN, thanks Wink

I think TNT has a website aswell ? or try
Just one question. Why does your niece have to do pub style jobs? Surely there are dozens of call centres/ office etc that would offer a hard working school leaver a job - and possibly pay them more than working in a pub would.

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