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Hollandse Biefstuk
One for The Duck to make.. to remind him of The Cattleman days Wink


300g Mature Beef fillet Pave (1/2 Chateaubriand)
100ml Clarified butter
100g Sliced Field and button mushrooms
100ml Brown beef jus
Salt and ground white pepper
25ml Cognac


Heat the clarified butter in a cast iron pan, until smoking. Season the fillet well with salt and pepper on one side.
Carefully place fillet in the pan, seasoning the other side with salt and pepper. Wait approximately 1 minute, then lift the fillet out of the pan and return immediately (this is to prevent the fillet from burning/ sticking to the base of the hot pan).
The fillet should be turned after approximately 2 minutes, allowing all sides to be evenly seared dark brown.
A minute before ready, remove the fillet from the pan and reserve to one side.
Add the sliced mushrooms and sauté quickly. Flambé with the Cognac and add the beef jus. Reduce till the required consistency. Return the fillet to the sauce, and allow heating through very quickly.
Arrange the fillet on a plate (can slice and fan the fillet), with the mushrooms “crowning” the fillet and the pool of jus lapping at the edges.
Serve with croquette potatoes or thick cut chips.

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