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I so hate this when it happens
I absolutely hate seeing such images .... ouch

in the first photo you would be forgiven for thinking that the player is faining injury etc

[Image: cisse01.jpg]

but when you see the 2nd image ... I just want to turn away

[Image: cisse02.jpg]

It just doesn't seem possible that a leg can do that

And poor Cisse was hoping to impress at the World Cup so he could get a lucrative move from Liverpool ... well that's that then

in the old days there was no way back from such injuries ... he broke his left leg just over a year ago .. so hopefully he is able to recover in the same manner
Yep, it is amazing that they can recover from those injuries now. I think the first high profile case I know about was Hendrick Larrson.
It didn't look like a hard tackle. Wonder if he just landed wrong and it went snap. I'm no doctor but how the ........ does the shin break like that? did he have a weak spot.

Feel for him and he will be missed by France, a player of his calibre cannot be replaced just like that.
this is quite incredible considering that both bones broke

Liverpool believe Djibril Cisse could be playing again by November as the striker begins his recovery after breaking his leg on Wednesday.

Cisse will miss the World Cup after he broke the tibia and fibula of his right leg in France's friendly with China.

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