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Istanbul , earlier today ?
Did I miss anything important , maybe : due to being sober , at the time ?
Or have McLaren lost The Plot again ( with Hamilton being the only one of the leaders needing 3 pit-stops , and thus forfeiting so many valuable seconds to Massa , whom he'd earlier easily overtaken and sped away from...)?
Those in the know : pray , advise !
they were working on a different strategy which didn't produce the result what they wanted however Hamilton was one place ahead of Raikkonen which they must see as a success for the day, as they did close the gap on him.
These are my thoughts...

Lewis said he was not happy with the softer compound tyres so they wanted to use them as little as possible so they opted for the three stops. What I don't understand however is why he didn't wait till the very last second before changing tires...

But no complaints from me as it means that my man won :haha:

:lols: :lols: :lols:
ja nee Jan

TheDuck Wrote:ja nee Jan


Make up your mind pleeze :rofl:

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