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Jen's journey
Cheffie Wrote:Good company? Rolleyes

Great company you obviously mean.. :wall:
Big Grin

I just want to know why you want to colour your colourful hair.. :o

[SIZE="1"]Duckie.. dye your wig pink. For me. Make me proud.
Big Grin[/SIZE]

[COLOR="Purple"]He did colour his hair in the colour of the Swedish flag.... he wears a wig when he comes on Skype ..... but he forgot it once and I saw it.... struus cookies. Big Grin

Hi, Jen. Welcome back! :hugs: It's so great to hear you doing so well. :thumbs: My son & I still pray for you every night in our quiet time. How was your trip to SA?
To answer you, Cheffie, I want an even colour that doesn't include grey. Ja, maybe pink cos that's my favourite colour. It did go pink when I tried a brown colour mousse..:bigcry:

Venus, as for my holiday: it was wonderful to be under the huge blue sky and have big spaces all round, even to be in bigger rooms in bigger houses was a treat, with bigger gardens outside. (Except the heat was bigger too!) Loads of braais made the time more memorable. The birds are different, the stars, everything. Spent some time at Natures Valley and was wowed by the long unspoilt beaches and the nature. Now that place is one of SA's best-kept secrets.

It was an unconditional time with the rest of my family, renewing bonds of love and affection and appreciation. Thanks for asking, and thanks so much for the continued prayer, it's all heard by the Lord.
Jen Wrote:I want an even colour that doesn't include grey.
Firstly.. stop watching that South Pacific movie over and over Wink

Grey is the new blonde.. compromise and go for platinum blonde :leaf: and all your colourful needs are taken care of :thumbs:

Apparently blondes :woof: have more fun too..
Big Grin

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