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Jikisobane Mchunu and family
Jikisobane or Jiko for short is an incredible young woman. Meeting her today was a humbling experience and one that I do not believe I will forget for some time to come.

Jiko single handedly cares for seven brothers and sisters, the youngest being the twins, Buhlebuyeza and Muziwokuthula, who attend the local Mkathini Primary School. Jiko works for the local public works department on a road project which pays a monthly stipend of only R370 per month.

The Mchunu childrenÂ’s father passed away in 1993 and their mother in 1998 leaving Jiko to take on the role as parent to her siblings including Sabeni, Ficwayinin, Nhlanhla, Hlangangani and Buyani.

The house the children live in is one of the worst I have seen. The walls are falling down, the floors are crumbling and there is not a stick of furniture to be seen. Jiko hangs the families clothing from the wattle walls and her few blankets are folded neatly behind a crumbling inner wall.

Jiko has no access to clean water and daily has to make the long trip down to the river to collect the water to wash and feed the children. I can see the river in the distance and it does not bare thinking about!

I asked Jiko what hope has for her future? Jiko replied, “My hope is in God. I pray daily that he will help me feed the children and that I may be able to buy them new school uniforms and shoes for their feet, because we have to be given second hand things from our neighbors. I pray for a house that will not fall down in the rain and for warm clothes for the winter”.
Thank you for sharing this with us Sue.
We complain so easiliy, we have so much and they have no wordly goods.
I will pray for them as well.

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