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Johnny Clegg: Gumboots and red wine!

All aboard the London train armed with gumboots and a bottle of wine and two straws, we made our way down to London to see Johnny Clegg at the Hammersmith Apollo.

The venue was packed with hundreds of South Africans (and a few Zimbos). We made our way to the VIP guest queue and got our tickets... the atmosphere inside was incredible... and very hot ... We had a great view of the stage and in some parts of the theatre the party was already in full swing.... Johnny Clegg played all the favourites like Scatterlings of Africa, Asimbonanga, Kiliminjaro, Spirit of a Great Heart, African Sky Blue, etc..
During the show I went to the bar and an elderly black gentleman asked me what was wrong with the crowd as no-one was dancing yet... I said.. "wait boet, its going to happen", as we walked back into the theatre Johnny started singing "impi", the crowd erupted and I dont think there was one person sitting down. I was in my element because at last, I could put my gumboots to use and do some serious zulu dancing. :jive:

Johnny Clegg had his first hit in 1976 and he has the energy of an 18 year old... he didn't stop for a break at all - amazing. One of his singers was a serious "traditionally built" African lady.... dressed in a bright red dress with all the frills, flowers and drapes and she boogied non stop... the crowd and I loved her and thought she stole the show... at last ... I got to meet the infamous "Precious Ramotswe" :thumbs:

It was extremely hot inside the theatre and in some ways it felt like home and made me veryhomesick... My only disappointment was that he didn't sing MY song... Osiyeza :bigcry: . I will definitely go again next year....

When we walked out of the theatre there was a super atmosphere and all the people on the bus were speaking "our language"... We went home and carried on the party there!

So thanks to GB, I had an awesome time! :cloud9:

Motley Crue's review will be written later... all I can say is it involved MIDGETS! :crylol:

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