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Keep in your prayers Please
A little bit of history first.

During the summer holidays the school I work at is having a brand new IT suite installed. Part of the new stuff we have order are some TFT Monitors. These were ordered from a company in Essex! We were promised delivery on Wednesday. Thursday morning cam and still no delivery. The company tried to get hold of the driver who they had been using for almost 30 years and he was not answering his phone. Aparently he did deliveries all over the country and is normally away for a week at a time. The police were called and the tracking device on the lorry was activated. The police found the lorry, all the cab doors open and the back doors open. The driver's mobile was still in the cab. We were told this morning that the driver's body has been found.

Please keep his family in your thoughts. As yet we don't have any details.
This person is a complete stranger but by the cruel actions of people many lives have been effected. :RIP:
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Wow.... how sad!

Will do some knee-mailing lols.

how terrible

Oh that's awful - sure, will pray for all concerned. What an awful shock.
Love and hugs, Jen

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