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Last will & testament
Greetings all,

Just wondering if anyone has experience with drawing up wills in the UK. My situation is that I still have some SA assets and have (following my own research into advice) drawn up two wills, referencing UK and SA assets separately. In each there is a reference to the other will.

I have no hugely complicated finances (some cash savings and a house with contents, basically) so felt comfortable drawing up a will using a package bought from WH Smith.

However there seems to be some doubt about the validity of two wills (I have worded them carefully to avoid any doubts about the separate intentions) and would appreciate any thoughts from members who have looked at this. Yes, I know going to the local solicitor is the best option, but one tires of being nailed by the UK legal profession - these guys know how to charge, I mean really (experience with trying to draw up a power of attorney - eventually did it via email and an SA firm).


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