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Lost versus Desperate Housewives
Which do you prefer and would you tell us why ?
I've voted for Lost as they are always coming with new and strange twists :thumbs: whilst DH seems to be rather 'lost' and very 'desperate' :haha:
LOST !!!

LOST !!!

LOST !!!

LOST !!!

LOST !!!

Desperate Fishwives is just awful, I tried watching it and that stupid voice of the narrator has put me off... it's just a glorified soap, at least Lost is something different and has plenty eye candy!! :innocent:
I voted for DH. They're two of my favourites on telly & are completely different to each other. Lost makes me sit on the edge of my seat but sometimes I get a little lost with the plot :confused: & I just wish they'd get on with it. Watching DH is like sitting down to a cup of coffee with one of my best mates & having a good laugh, yet there are still lots of unexpected twists & mysteries. Cool
Desperate housewives - :thumbs:

I "lost" interest in Lost.
i like them both......DH provides me with laughs...... :crylol: :crylol: i like to see what trivial nonsense ppl get up to..... :crylol:

as for Lost - i enjoy watching it - but i seemed to have missed out on some episodes, what happened to Shannon's brother, (the girl who died recently)did he die?

do u not think for ppl who have been on the Island for so long would not be filthy, the big one would have been very thin by now :o and that their hair would be long....... :thumbs:

although given a choice to watch either it would be Desperate Housewives... :thumbs:
Desperate Housewives simply because the story actually moves along.

With lost they seem to be circling the same point in time from every conceivable angle. It got boring halfway through the first episode...
I absolutely agree with Bushbaby; and although the DD plot can become incredulous at times, the humour is good. (and the females are quite attractive too! Smile
Tried Lost but got lost.

Love DH and don't know what to do after this week. (i'm pretty sad that way)
I enjoy both but I must admit I prefer Desperate Housewives just that little bit more. I like the dramas and also the humour...a load of fun.
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