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Name The Tune...
I finally got my act sorted out, well sort of anyway and am ready to launch this quiz.

On one of my trips across the pond I bought a cd called "Spot The Intro" where they have 495 song clips, not necessarily intros though, split into lots of 5 and I thought it would be a fun game to play.

I'll upload a segment and you have to identify the 5 titles played, if you're really keen you can id the artist, the year and the composers too, and if you're keener than that you can try id the publisher too Wink

But I am happy to accept the titles only Big Grin

So let's start with the first 5 tunes:

Click here to listen

BTW Venus - I've hidden the answer sheet so that you can participate if you want to too Smile
A tad before my time but I've got number 2 - me thinks

Three steps to heaven - Shawaddywaddy.
seasider Wrote:Lucille Little Richard
3 Steps to Heaven Eddie Cocran or Show waddy waddy
Sealed with a kiss Bobby Vinton
Now that I can Dance The Contours
I beleive the Batchelors or robson and jerome

And I thought I was up late last night :haha:

:thumbs: Well done you got most of them :thumbs:

Number 3 was by Brian Hyland and number 4 was "Do You Love Me" by Brian Poole and the Tremeloes. The last one was by The Bachelors. The years were:


The next lot is a bit more modern, but only a bit.... But don't worry, by the look of things the newest is from 2003, it seems as if they group them by decades.

Here's the next 5
1) I hear you knocking
3)Horse with no name
5)Sung by Status Quo but can't remember name of song
gwasi Wrote:1) I hear you knocking
3)Horse with no name
5)Sung by Status Quo but can't remember name of song

Can anyone help add to Gwasi's answer?
Ow K, I'll put everyone out of their misery :p

1) I hear you knocking - Dave Edmunds 1970
2) Hey Girl Don't Bother Me - The Tarrs 1971
3) Horse with no name - America 1972
4) Hell Raiser - Sweet 1973
5) Down Down - Status Quo 1974

The next 5 are here

Hopefully they're a bit easier...

Don't forget that anyone can join this quiz Smile
whereas I recognise the tunes of all I can only get

5. Blondie

but I didn't know the name of the song off hand
seasider Wrote:Abba Dancing Queen
Status Quo rocking all over the world? (They all sound the same)
Patti Smith Becuse the night belongs to lovers
Elvis costello Olivers Army
Blondie Sunday Girl

10 out of 10 :thumbs: (Or rather 5 out of 5) Smile

The years were: 1976, 1977, 1978, 1979, 1979.

Here's the next lot... All 80's I believe...
1) Arthurs Theme ?
2) Making your mind up - Bucks Fizz (I'm sad I know thisWink )
4) Something I should Know - Duran Duran
4) No more Lonely Nights - Paul McCartney
1. I thought that was the theme tune from the program called Love Hurts 1992 ???

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