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New owner registration for car left in SA
Hi all,

Couldn't really figure where to post this on site, but here goes...

We left SA four years ago and handed the old car to our daughter, properly insured etc... for her use. Still in my name though.

We've decided to give it to her to do whatever she likes with it, and when last over there I filled in all the forms (or so I thought) so that she could take ownership. The car has been roadworthied. Anyway, message from home to the effect that the office in PE will not register the car without ORIGINAL confirmation that it has been full paid for (this for a vehicle that is now 15 years old, and has had only one owner). Presumably this is some form of bank statement.


Can anyone help with what's being asked for here? It was so long ago I can't even remember who financed the thing. I'm a bit out of touch - is this now a standard requirement in SA? And, most importantly, what is the workaround - surely not everyone will have retained payment details for cars paid off years ago?

Or maybe we just got a very "efficient" official and it's worth trying again in another queue.

Thanks in anticipation.
I am no profesional in this area, but I have recently sold my car in SA.

I know that the one thing to prove ownership of the vehicle, and that it is fully paid, is to have the ORIGINAL registration certificate for the car. When you take a loan out on a car, the finance institution will hold onto the certificate until you completely pay off the loan. This document is probably the one they are asking for!!

I am not sure if the terminology is correct to refer to this as the 'registration certificate', but it is the document that the loan company holds onto until you fully pay off the car loan.

If you can recall the institution you had the loan with, you could try contacting them to confirm this in writing. They should have some record of your purchase and payment?!

Hope this helps you. Good luck.
Thanks Popeye - good starting point.

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