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Nofreedom2surf Isp
I was with AOL for many years and had some issues with them, so decided to change. I did some research and based on what Which magazine had to say, decided to go with freedom2surf. They were named as UK'S nr 2. Well they should change their name to nofreedom2surf. Right from the start there were problems. I sat on the phone to their help lines for 2 hours at a time without being able to get through to their tech dept. I went to the library to email them. Eventually after 3 days I got a call from a tech support manager and managed to get connected. Well, by connected I mean I could get online, but got booted almost every 3 minutes. Same story, no joy with their tech dept for days on end. When someone finally contacted me, they told me that I was on 6meg, but my area only had 4meg, so this was why I was having the connection issues. I was told that BT would be phoning me as it was their problem. Anyway, long story short, I was without a connection for weeks.

I have sent copies of my phone bill listing all the looooooong calls to f2s (all holding on to speak to someone, never yet managed to get through), copies of the many emails I have sent them to WHICH MAGAZINE and to WEBACTIVE. My next step is going to be radio stations, oftel and watchdog. F2S is supposed to be a MONTHLY contract, yet I have been told that I cannot cancel with them for 3 months. They are refusing to give me my MAC code so that I can migrate to another provider.

So, so much for going with the 2nd best !!!! BE WARNED anyone DO NOT GO WITH F2S. I have found many other complaints about the shocking service they provide.
'lo Ange

It would probably have been a good idea to ask what the ppl on here what they use for their internet.
For me, I've been with ntl for about 8 years and have had no reason to complain, although I know that others have.

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