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Oh Shucks I'm gatvol!
Quote:Originally posted by Pronkertjie
I'm sure you will have a good laugh.... enjoy it!


Thank you sure we will!
Well we've been and had a lekker laugh! It was brilliant....and is not good for you if you're homesick!!So many funny jokes and tricks he played on the people man nou IS ek homesick Sad
Not wanting to be argumentative but I hope that this movie was an improvement on Dr Bones which was a total waste of money. I went to see it in SA when it first came out with a large groupf of friends and we were all bored shedless. Lets hope that LS has found more sophisticated humour again in his latest movie.
Hi Pic!

I agree - didnt like Mr Bones! But this movie just reminds you again how SA is...the people and the things happening there.... so go on get the dvd when it's out and see what you think! We loved it! Big Grin
I didn't like mr. Bones either - didn't like the bad language in this last one, but I sure did have a good laugh!

Watched it last night, had a bit of trouble getting it to play though as the DVD is region 1... :confused:

But when we did manage to watch Amen + family and I had a good laugh and shed a tear or two Smile

Will try to figure out if I can make copies with my new 'toy' Big Grin
Try watching the movie when you are high, it becomes 1billion times funnier.
:jester: hehehe I am sure it is PB...

Anyhow we enjoyed it lots...its was good. :p
*Doer of healing rituals and keeper of brooms.*

*Water flows, Wind blows, Fire glows, Earth grows, Magic shows.*
oe-la-la Wrote:Who else has or is going to see this new movie of Leon Schuster at the film festival in London from 1-9th of May? Our tickets are booked for Saturday Big Grin Can't wait!
Can you pls tell me how to get tickets for Leon Schuster's movie? What festival is it?Thanks!
Disprin Wrote:Can you pls tell me how to get tickets for Leon Schuster's movie? What festival is it?Thanks!

hi disprin, this was posted last year.....festival was in 2004....but i am sure there might be another one...... :music:

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