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Peppered loin of Kudu
Peppered loin of Kudu, roast pumpkin pearls, buttered baby spinach, port sauce
Y=4 portions

100ml Olive oil
Salt (table and Maldon)
Cracked white pepper
Sprigs of chervil

4 X 180g portions of Kudu loin (cleaned of excess fat and sinew)/ Venison loin
500ml cold Rooibos (Red Bush) tea
100ml Red wine
10no Juniper berries (crushed)
Make a strong base of Rooibos tea (4 tea bags and 500ml boiling water). Allow to steep and cool. Remove bags from the water and reserve the liquid to one side.
Marinade the venison in the tea for 30 minutes. Drain and degorge, reserving the venison to one side.
Splash the venison with the red wine and allow marinating for 30 minutes with the juniper berries.
Drain and degorge. Pat dry with kitchen cloth. Reserve to one side.
Roll the loins in cracked white pepper and season with salt. Heat a cast iron pan till hot, add some olive oil and sear the loins on all sides to create a peppered crust. Cook for a further 2minutes in the oven. Remove and allow resting for 2 minutes. Slice each loin into 3 or 4 pieces and arrange overlapping pieces to form a crown. Keep warm.

Straw potatoes:
2 medium potatoes/ Jerusalem Artichokes
Vegetable oil for frying
Julienne the washed potatoes. Deep fry in hot oil until golden drain on absorbent paper and season with table salt. Reserve to one side. Note: Jerusalem Artichokes can be prepared as you would for potatoes as well.

Pumpkin pearls:
Castor sugar
800g Peeled pumpkin, ‘pearled’ with parisienne scoop
Blanch the pearls of pumpkin in boiling salted water. Drain and reserve to one side.
Heat a pan with a little olive oil and caramelise the pumpkin with some castor sugar. Cook on medium heat in the oven until cooked. Reserve to one side, keeping warm.

Baby spinach:
400g Baby spinach
50g unsalted butter
50ml vegetable stock
In a hot pan, toss the washed baby spinach and the melted butter and salt. Steam through with the vegetable stock until it wilts. Drain on absorbent paper and reserve to one side, keeping warm.

Port sauce:
200ml veal stock
100ml Port wine
For the port sauce, reduce the veal stock with the port wine and seasoning until it coats the back of a spoon. Strain through a fine strainer and reserve to one side, keeping warm.

Assemble the crown of carved venison astride the wilted spinach and dot the pumpkin pearls around the plate. Drizzle some port sauce around the plate. Garnish with sprigs of chervil and straw potatoes or Jerusalem artichoke crisps.

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