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Piquant Strawberry Mousse

500g Sweet Red bell pepper
500g Strawberries
500g Philadelphia cream cheese
6Tbsp Demerara sugar
4Tbsp Brandy
2Tbsp Lemon juice
1Tbsp Cracked black pepper
200ml Sweet Thai chilli sauce


Remove all pips from the bell peppers. Dice roughly and place in the food blender. Prepare strawberries as per usual, and place in blender. Blend with all the other ingredients except the Cream Cheese.
Once the pulp is smooth in texture, add the cream cheese slowly to the mixture, ensuring that the cheese is able to hold the pulp in a “mousse”.

Remove from the blender and pass through a fine sieve. Pour into a clean and sanitised bowl. Cover with Clingfilm and refrigerate until set (approx 4hrs).

· Can be served with any Game fish dish, especially wild Irish salmon
· Fantastic with diver scallops from Australia

If you want that extra special 'snob' factor.. this recipe was featured on the Carlton "Africa 2000" Food series, along with Chef Aldo Zilli Wink

Ya ya.. 15 minutes of fame and all that :haha:

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