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Secondary League tables are out
See how your school, or your preferred school has fared in the past academic year
There are also links to primary schools results too

League Tables
That's a great link Dudette! Connor has already picked out his high school (he is only nearly seven but is determined to go to the Boy's High school in the area) - which appears on the surface to have everything in place. And the report here shows it's about average, one of the better in this area. And it's improving, judging by past years results.

Connor's primary school has by far improved except on English which judging how some of those children speak, does not really surprise and the absenteeism isn't great compared to national average but it's an improvement on last year.

Connor is in Key Stage 1 and it's really satisfactory to know that he has contributed to these league tables (school got 100% in Science)
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