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Star wars III
Hmmmm what a wonderful movie. A bit wierd to know exactly how the movie is going to go, but still loving it. Smile
If you're a Star Wars fan, I hope you enjoy it! :thumbs:
I'm a total Star Wars fan & can't wait to see it! :cheer:

There's a documentary on BBC 3 at the moment called The Jedi Generation. It's very interesting. :thumbs:

I'll never forget seeing Star Wars Episode IV the very first time. I was about 8 and we had balcony seats in the old Colusseum in central Johannesburg. When the first battleship flew over, the entire cinema vibrated. I remember looking over my shoulder because it appeared as if it was flying from behind! Big Grin
Not a Star Wars fan at all but still thought it was a good film! Smile

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