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I agree Koekie, 14-17 is a difficult age.
Quote:Originally posted by Curio
I agree Koekie, 14-17 is a difficult age.

I agree with this I have one of 16 and really what a handful - very difficult and then one who is turning 13 in Oct. Younger hasn't been a problem yet but I am sure it is coming.

I think I am just going to have to continue to
'Wash that grey right out of my hair' as it is getting worst by the day at the moment!!!!
Quote:Originally posted by Curio
Who else here at GB have teenage children?

Got one son of 11yrs - he just started high school last week.How old is yours? Smile
I have a 13 yr old son (14 next month) and we have our moments too..........Sad
My youngest daughter is turning 16 soon. My eldest is out of her teens now. She is over in London & coming here in December for a holiday. Can hardly wait to see her again. She left after finishing matric & is studying part time with Unisa. She seems to love it in the U.K & has a good job too.
There seems to be a lot of peer pressure nowadays with teenagers. I suppose we will always worry about them growing up & going out into the big world.
mine is 11...just started high school....and boy i can see i am in for one helluva ride....:innocent: :innocent:
My aunt sent me a fridge magnet over saying.........
"Ask your teenagers now whilst they still know everything".

Big Grin

I think the fields of communication just have to be kept open & to let them know that they are loved.
It is a difficult time for them as they are changing so much. I know sometimes teenagers can get very emotional & they think that we as parents don't understand them. They forget that we were once teenagers too. Big Grin Smile
Quote:Originally posted by Curio
I agree Koekie, 14-17 is a difficult age.

Great .. mine turns 15 next week on the 11th :wall: ... like being on a roller coaster with her ... she's good for a while .. then suddenly without warning ... the attitude changes ... she seems to hate us and she starts breaking the rules etc etc Rolleyes *sigh* .. well I rule her with an iron rod .. only thing she understands .. but when she's good she's wonderful :daisy:
One 12 year old son who cannot make up his mind whether he is still a baby or a teenager and a daughter who is 15 going on 50.... the easiest one is the 5 year old
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