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The Hospice - Jen's journey continued
When we think of hospices, we think dying people and much pain, nice nurses and upset relatives.. but my experience has been SO different.

My GP referred me to a day hospice nearby, Grove House, and I had to go for an interview before they accepted me as a day patient. I wondered why they did this but it emerged that they wanted to find out the best way I could be helped.. and this has been their attitude all the way through. I go every Wednesday (they provide transport in a volunteer's private car) and everyone knows me, there's a warm welcome with nice refreshments on arrival, and then I can do what I like, really. If I feel sick or tired I can sleep or just veg; there are therapists who give massages - this Wed I'll have a foot massage; there's a hairdresser who charges a nominal amount (if you have any hair left, that is) which she then gives into the main pot; each person there meets with a nurse who checks overall progress; and generally there's activity if you want it, or not if you don't want it. Last week a beautician came from Boots to help the ladies with make-up etc and gave everyone lovely goodie-bags with perfume etc..

Some time during the morning a menu comes round for the 3-course lunch, and this is cooked to order on the premises and served by the staff. It's so well-prepared, and of course the dessert appeals to my S African sweet tooth Big Grin They are champs at desserts!!

Then in the afternoon an artist comes for those who would like to do art - so my new friend Maria, and I, are making silk painted scarves to hide our hairless heads!! There is also entertainment, like singers, for those who aren't as active as Maria and I and other budding artists. The group, by the way, is no larger than about 16 people (patients) plus a group of nurses and volunteers, and mine is a mixture of younger and older people, mostly with cancer of some sort and at some stage. Sometimes I feel a little guilty being there as I'm so well and energetic compared to some of the others.

Then we have refreshments and cake, and are taken home. It's a warm, personal, unconditional place, with NO expectations - a very freeing atmosphere where no-one thinks you should be doing this or that to get better.. Angel

So, next time you think of a hospice, think of a place that's wellness-centred, warm, caring, respectful, and worth supporting. I will never go past a collection-tin for a hospice again without putting something in, however little, because I know what it's like to benefit from it. The people who work there have taught me so much about compassion, which I hope to be able to pass on to others worse-off than I.
this sounds absolutely superb




What a lovely read, thanks for letting us know more about them.. Your spirit and bravery is amazing!
That is great Jen, our local hospice is fantastic too.

I have been asked to volunteer at the hospice this coming Autumn and i was not so sure about it, but you have changed my mind! I am going to help out..

:hug: :hug:
Hi Icecub,

Oh I'm so pleased to be instrumental in this decision! You will find it worth every bit of love and energy you give.. bless you.
I'm off to hospice in an hour's time!
Love, Jen

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