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To those that remember the band, Sabre, Cape Town
Some of the Capie locals will recall a band called Sabre who used to play at La Med on Fridays and Sundays, as well as Dirty's in Hout Bay.

Heard a little earlier that one of their old band members, Jerome, was killed in a car accident earlier today.

Some of you might remember him as the guy with the magical voice (if you closed your eyes whilst listening to him sing Lighthouse Family 's High, it would sound identical).. the guy with the mike who'd stroll between the crowds and serenade with his voice.

I have many fond memories of racing home after service at the restaurants to catch the last set or 2 and hear this magnificent guy sing.

Jerome, you had the voice! :thumbs:

Thanks for all the great nights out in Hout Bay and allowing a little magic to soothe the night away in the melodies.

I hope your wife and daughter will take comfort in the thoughts of many around the world who will cherish the memories of hearing you on stage.

May you rest in peace and sing with the angels.

A sad ex-Hout Bay local
I know them well, my cousin Warren was the other vocalist and guitarist. He will be pretty cut up about it. Must give him a call. Jerome had an excellent voice as you rightly state.
I have had the pleasure of listening to SABRE a number of times at The Deck in Hout Bay as this has been one of their hang-outs every second wednesday and i have to agree that Jerome was an absolute beauty!! Thoughts go out to his family and band members!!

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