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Tuna Ceviche
Tuna Ceviche (pronounced ‘ she-veesh’)

300g Finely diced red onion
300g Finely diced tomato flesh
15ml Tabasco sauce/ homemade peri-peri
15ml Castor sugar
600g Diced loin of fresh sashimi-grade tuna
20ml Chopped chives
100ml Fresh limejuice
Maldon salt and cracked white pepper to taste

Working in a cool kitchen, finely dice the chilled tuna. Place in a mixing bowl and return to the fridge.
On a separate cutting board, cut the onions and the tomatoes (which have been blanched, refreshed, skinned and had their pips removed) into a fine dice. Add on top of the diced tuna.
Add the chopped chives to the bowl; add the sugar and seasoning. Add the Tabasco/ peri-peri and the lime juice to the bowl.
Using a gloved hand (disposable surgical gloves can be bought from any pharmacy), thoroughly mix the tuna with all the ingredients. Leave to ‘cure’ in the fridge – the lime will ‘cook’ the tuna and turn it slightly white – for 2hours. Treat with care, at all times, as this is still a raw product and is volatile in nature. Please make sure that no-one is susceptible to eating cured fish.

Using a fresh pair of surgical gloves, portion the marinating tuna into 10 equal amounts (use a mousse ring). You will need to gently squeeze some of the liquid out of each portion, to maintain shape.
Serve with Melba toast, a little homemade mayonnaise with a horseradish infusion and a few herb and salad leaves.
Garnish with a fresh lime wedge. Serve immediately.
Enjoy the light, healthy and easy way to prepare, serve and eat tuna.

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