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UK citizen - returning to work
Hi all. Happy New Year to all GBers.

I would like to enquire if anyone knows what needs to be done and where to get them done, or who to talk to or contact etc. if I am a person with dual citizenship (SA and British) and hold a British Passport (due to being born in the UK), and I want to return to the UK to find a job and start working.

Unfortunately I have not been in the UK for a very very long time, and never held any social security card, or ID etc. I don't have a tax number or anything in the UK, other than a passport.

I will obviously need to find accommodation etc. but that will come when I find a job and know which areas to look in.

Right now I want to prepare myself for what I need to do to get all the rest in order. I have a wife (withour UK citizenship - she is still on an SA passport) and 2 kiddies who luckily have British citizenship through me, and now hold valid British passports.

I would need to know what to do to get their national ID cards, etc, or whatever is required for them to go to school in the UK, and for myself to work there, as well as my wife to stay there with us... I believe the stay period is 3 years before she can apply for a British passport on the basis of living in the UK and being married to a UK citizen.

Thanks in advance, for any info.


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