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Upbeat about SA & a request...
Good evening
Thought I would touch base while on a higher note than usual.
This would be to balance out more negative stuff in the past.
Upbeat because we saw a programme tonight on SABC TV called "SA's Got talent"
Three judges saw alot of possibles over the last few months. It all culminated in 6 finalists tonight and the eventual winner.
The whole thing was a truly rainbow scene. The judges were really good, well spoken, the contestants would have made any South African proud...
The top three were a young white South African who could make all sorts of music and drum beats with his mouth (world class stuff), he came second. The young black girl who came third had an amazing voice, had everyone in tears. The guy who took the competition was incredibly a coloured guy who is completely deaf!! He was a dancer of note, the type Michael Jackson was known for... An excellent show.
Now lets not get carried away, there are not many excellent shows on SABC TV, but this was good. I must say that "Top Billing" is another show that is really good. Glamorous people, houses and destinations, but incredible to see what South Africans are up to, wherever they are...
I'll take it down a notch here and say that the same crime is around, just as many criminals. We just have to lay low and avoid the problem areas as much as possible. I will say that the cops are now talking the right language. It seems they are tired of being shot at, things may swing the other way for a while. Hearing more criminals than cops being taken out lately.
It does irk me how the ruling party keeps on coming out with wonderful slogans on bright new t-shirts, about doing things for the people... At the same time ministers ride around in 2 million rand cars !!! Money goes missing all the time. Imagine the "struggle" that people have supposed to have waged for years, and then being no better off. And when you're no better off, you vote the same people back that have squandered money etc!!! Africa can be a boggling place...
OK, enough of that, the 2010 thing is gaining momentum. I think miracles will happen in the soccer performance of South Africa. I think we'll do better than many people think. A few factors are converging for the best.
There is construction and mega projects all over the country. As this intensifies, we'll be blasted out of any economic downturn we have had this year.
Yip, sales are down in our business, but we are expecting things to pick up. This will happen for all sorts of obvious and not so obvious factors.
This is where I think we're heading. The 2010 World Cup will be a huge success. The capitalists from around the world will ensure this, unbelievable what our government has achieved when pushed like it obviously has.
There will be a quietening period a few months after the event, economically I think. Then we will benefit from 5 factors in the next few years;
1) The Soccer World Cup show will give SA such a boost in tourism that we will benefit for years to come. I reckon too many people have heard about SA and it's up and downs, to not come and see what the hype is all about.
2) The infrastructure that goes with hosting such an event will impact on our economy in that we'll be able to benefit from increased trade through Africa and with Africa
3) I know of quite a few people who have returned to SA and still plan to. This will increase all sorts of skills we may have lost over the years, big bonus. The quiet times abroad will encourage the entrepreneurs and "pioneers" to come back and hit it.
4) Crime will diminish, it can only really... and govenment will be more and more accountable to it's voters, ruling party got a bit of a wake-up call the last time around
5) Pockets of excellence in hospitals and schools will slowly grow.

Perhaps all of the above is just me trying to lift my thoughts on the country up, we're certainly not out of the woods.

You keep well now...
Lastly, a request. We make belts (that you wear). I'm tired of all the stuff I see out there. I want to get belts out there that reflect us, as a nation.
The belt would have our company logo on the buckle, but I want to print South Africanisms on the belt. It would be a lekka jeans belt, with perhaps four or five words printed on it.
Please let me know what you would print on my South African belt...keep it clean now...
Minister for the Motherland
great to hear from you as always Disting

and magic to hear things are looking bright for you when making the post

the UK and Europe is definitely feeling the crisis and could always do with a spot of better weather

thanks again for the feedback

much appreciated



On your belt I would have to have ''Yebo Gogo'' it will always stick with me from the 1995 world cup rugby tournament.

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