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Week 21's Trivial Pursuit
At bit early today to say the least :haha:

Which regular Olympic sport was the first to have an athlete compete in a wheelchair?
penelope Wrote:archery??


Neroli Fairhall, a paraplegic, represented New Zealand in 1984 at the Los Angeles Games. She came in 35th.

How many winks are there in a modern set of tiddlywinks? :crylol:
Twenty four
ditto Dudette
Winks has a very colourful vocabulary. Here is a glossary of some of the most common terms that are in use:

BLITZ: an attempt to pot all six of your own colour early in the game (generally before many squops have been taken).
BOMB: to send a wink at a pile, usually from distance, in the hope of significantly disturbing it.
BOONDOCK: to play a squopped wink a long way away, usually while keeping your own wink(s) in the battle area.
BRING-IN: An approach shot.
BRISTOL: a shot which attempts to jump a pile onto another wink; the shot is played by holding the squidger at right angles to its normal plane.
CARNOVSKY: a successful pot from the baseline (i.e. from 3 feet away).
CRUD: a physically hard shot whose purpose is to destroy a pile completely.
CUTwC: Cambridge University Tiddlywinks Club (UK).
DOUBLETON: a pile in which two winks are covered up by a single enemy wink.
ETwA: The English Tiddlywinks Association.
FREE TURNS (and FAILURE TO FREE): far too complicated to go into here.
GOOD SHOT: named after John Good. The shot consists of playing a flat wink through a nearby pile in the hope of destroying it.
GROMP: an attempt to jump a pile onto another wink (usually with the squidger held in a conventional rather than Bristol fashion).
JOHN LENNON MEMORIAL SHOT: a simultaneous boondock and squop.
KNOCK-OFF: to knock the squopping wink off a pile.
LUNCH: to pot a squopped wink (usually belonging to an opponent).
NATwA: North American Tiddlywinks Association.
NEWSWINK: The NATwA magazine. Now published roughly once a decade.
OUTS: Oxford University Tiddlywinks Society.
PILE: a group of winks connected directly or indirectly by squops.
POT: (noun) the cup that is placed in the centre of the mat; (verb) to play a wink into the pot.
ScotTwA: Scottish Tiddlywinks Association.
SCRUNGE: to bounce out of the pot.
SQUIDGER: the circular disk used to propel winks.
SQUOP: to play a wink so that it comes to rest above another wink.
SQUOP-UP: the situation that occurs when all winks of a partnership have been squopped. Free turns result (q.v.).
StATS: St Andrews Tiddlywinks Society.
SUB: to play a wink so that it ends up under another wink.
WINKS: the circular counters used in the game.
WINKING WORLD: the official journal of ETwA. Published twice a year.
WP: abbreviation for World Pairs.
WS: abbreviation for World Singles.

The English Tiddly Winks Association Big Grin
dudette Wrote:Twenty four


Six of each colour (blue, red, yellow, and green), with four of them small and two of them large.

What TV sitcom and movie actor was dubbed "the quintessential Honourary Woman: a feminist icon" in 1976?
Alan Alda?
dudette Wrote:Alan Alda?


He was given the title by The Boston Globe for his activism on behalf of the Equal Rights Amendment.

What is the diameter - in feet - of the pitcher's mound on a major league baseball field?

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