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What do you do for exercise
I thought it might be interesting to find out what who does what as an exercise regime or sport towards keeping or getting fit......

I have played squash on and off for years and whilst it helps keep the kilos at bay I was around 107 Kg before the shock set in....
I now go to gym a few times a week mainly walkining/running on the treadmill
I try get a game of squash in every week and take Tae Kwondo classes twice a week.
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Do 8 hours a week at the gym, my classes are Aerobics, step, body combat, body pump, circuits and combat circuits. Do think I am a bit of a gym freak but I enjoy it
What do i do?

Well...apart from going on my treadmill regularly, i also swim, i do step classes and toning classes at the gym, i do yoga....apart from that....

I clean house, i haul laundry baskets up and down stairs..try that..keeps u fit and toned....haul my son's wheelchair in and out of the car...that does wonders for those muscles u never use.....

Try vacuuming, that in itself works off many calories if you do it for 20 min at a time.... Smile

So yebo housewives do alot of exercise..... :worthy:
Lol you mean besides jogging my memory and jumping to conclusions....

I cycle to and from work everyday, housework etc....pretty much the same as Cubby.. Wink
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Ditto on the housework!!

and i do loads of walking, i walk to work and back everyday!
life is what you make of it

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Zulu_Foxtrot Wrote:sex


life is what you make of it
Started cycling to and from work again (nd didn't bring a coat tonight and it is pouring outside and I am about to go home Sad )

Will start the gymn next week, treadmill nd cycle as well as the odd spin session.
started walking last year and do line dancing
I have a seven point exercise plan which I follow each day.

1.SIT UP in bed
2.JUMP out of bed
3.SQUAT to get hold of my trainers
4.RUN around the block
5.KICK the block back under the bed
6.STRETCH for the coffee
7.SKIP any further exercise
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