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What's the next cd you want to buy & what's the last one you got?
picanin Wrote:Dolla which Muse album is that? Muse are amazing to listen to especially when stoned! The vocals blend in seamlessly with the instruments so that the voice becomes an instrument in itself (does that make sense?) As to Franz Ferdinand I had to laugh. In some of the Musica's I was in in SA the FF album was kept in the Afrikaans section. Some people just cant understand a Scots band called Franz! :lol

Big Grin :thumbs: Afrikaans section? :haha:

Pic, I think it is their latest album, it has the great song I love so very much on. I am terrible with song names and album names, sorry. I think it is called Hysteria (the song)?
I absolutely love them, the rest of the album is so mellow, I listened to it Sunday morning just after 1 after a night out with a cup of tea. Was great!
Ok well I have just come home with 4 new cd's.....

Il Divo, Damien Rice - O, Green Day - International Superhits and Snow Patrol - Final Straw.

Next?? Not sure yet! lol
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