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Working Holiday Visa Question
Not really sure if this is the correct forum....Admin, please feel free to move this where you may see fit.

Friends of hubby recently arrived in the UK. He is a UK citizen due to his mother born here, and she is here on a Working Holiday Visa, and she has a 2½ year old son.

Anycase, he is looking for a permanent job as a Paramedic and she is looking for a job in shipping.

Is she allowed to work in such a job on a WHV or is she still restricted to temp bar work etc?

I remember when I first came over Moons and Junes ago, we were restricted to bar work only if we were on a WHV.....

Some advice would be appreciated....
I am a British citizen by desent and my partner and son are both over here on working visa's my patrner has been in a permanent job for about 16 months now and my son for nearly a year with no problems. So I dont see why they should have any hassles.
The rules have changed last year. I think you are now allowed to do any kind of work...
As I Said Earlier This Year My Son Is Here On A Work Visa. His Visa Is Due To Expire In A Few Months Time. He Is Wanting To Stay On In The Country As He Has A Good Job. Does Anyone Know The In's And Out's Of What Has To Be Done For Him To Do That. He Is Entitled To An Ancestrial Visa. Can He Apply Here Or Is It Best To Go And Do It In South Africa. If Anyone Could Shed Any Light On This Subject I Would Be Grateful.
Sammyjoe..... I think he can apply here for his Ancestral Visa, providing he has all the documentation that needs to go with it.

They are getting stricter with the changing of visa status. His current employer can help with this.

I would suggest that should you go for the Ancestral Visa that you apply as soon as possible.

Thanks for the advice pronkertjie. We do have all the relevant birth certificates and marriage certificates, I think they said all he needs is a letter from his empolyer stating that he has a job and 3 months bank statements and then a letter saying he has accomodation here. Its sounds easy but as you say they are getting so sticky. And if its refused he does not get his money back and he cannot live his work visa out he has to leave immediatly. So we want to do it right first time.

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