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You have at least another five minutes left in your hourglass!

We don't know how long we are going to live. Perhaps we have a number of years left, or perhaps the winning post is around the corner. Who knows? However, the way we spend each day is much more important than the number of days we have left. Consider the following two rules of life to help you reclaim your time:

One: Live as if it's your last hour.

Two: Treat others today as if you are seeing them for the last time.

What will your life look like if you regard today as your last hours on earth? What will happen if you treat others with respect because you may never see them again? If you see these two rules in a serious light, please keep the following in mind:

The Lord gives away life one day at a time

God gives life in "one-day-at-a-time" portions. He does not guarantee five years of life in advance. At this exact moment in London or Dubai, Pretoria or Bloemfontein, you are living your special daily portion of life with the compliments of the living God. Therefore, your heart can be filled with hope, because God has given you the green light of life today.

Perhaps your life is not all moonshine and roses, but you can do something about that. The time God has given you are borrowed time, grace-time, favour-time, a time for beginning over and from the start. But, He keeps watch on what you do with this time. Do not wait for others to make your life enjoyable. Do not think that life owes you anything. If you do, you will go with a long face for the rest of your life. No, be brave! Surprise everyone around you – dare to call today a day of celebration.

Choose to be joyful today. Become quiet at the feet of your Heavenly Father for a few moments, right where you are now. Bask in his loving presence, and break a piece of bread with good friends. Set aside festive moments with your children and your marriage partner as well (Ecclesiastes 8:15; 9:9). Forget about an unimportant appointment; cancel a boring meeting. Share words of encouragement with someone who has lost hope. Give a grumpy colleague a smile. Sincerely pray for your unfair boss at work. Start living: today is the only time you have. Do not waste it. You will see the sun rise tomorrow only if it is God's will. There you have it: a whole day's journey lies ahead. Live it to the full.

Lord, today was a gift I received from your hand!

May I redeem these 24 hours.

May I live my life to the full in your honour today.

Make me a living blessing to everyone I meet today.

May my tongue be full of love and my heart full of hope.

May the world be a little different by tonight because I have lived my life full speed for You and for others today.

In the wonderful Name of Christ,


God bless

Stephan Joubert


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