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cheffie I need your help!!

Its that time of year again!! We have not done a Christmas turkey for a long time and have decided to do one. Years ago i was in posession of a step by step, easy to read instructions, stuffing and all sundry details, including time out for glass of wine.

Any ideas where I can find such recipe??.
Hi bro

As an avid turkey man myself, I have prefered Delia Smiths way of the traditional turkey. It has been tried and tested by me over the years and I'm sure cheffie will agree.

see here:,RC.html

Howzit Bro has a few recipes you can look through.

Personally I don't stuff the turkey anymore. Too much hassle. I de-done and portion the breasts etc into manageable portion sizes, wrap them in sliced pancetta, season with Maldon salt and cracked white pepper and simply roast it in the oven with a drizzle of olive oil.
Simple, effective and you don't get any of the time consuming 'wait another half an hour' scenarios with screaming kids running around you.

Mind you.. all of this is done in a commercial kitchen and my views on screaming brats running around the restaurant are known. The kitchen for them is not even an option Wink

For the stuffing..

I use a mixture of:
1kg pork sausage meat - you can grill the casings for a light snack as the chief cook Wink
1 loaf of bread - make it yourself LOL
6 whole eggs
100ml brandy
1 bunch of sage
3 bunches spring onion/ baby leeks - sliced.

mix it all together and bake in a greased and floured bread tin for 35 -45 minutes at 220c. Turn out, leave to cool and slice thickly. When ready for service, simply drizzle a little olive oil over and grill under the salamander - works a right treat..

and then of course the sauce.

I use a classic veal jus with port infusion, reduced till sticky and coating the back of a spoon. Cranberries in port wine, reduced with demerara sugar - makes a decent 'pick me up'.

The vegetables are a typical winter sort - go wild :woof: yet simple! Big Grin

You have my number if you get stuck..
wow, many thanks, guess I ased for it and now I am undecided which recipe I should use.

Think i will go into the cellar and get out a bottle of red and deliberate
bro Wrote:Think i will go into the cellar and get out a bottle of red and deliberate

Print the page, get wifey to cook the meal.. :thumbs:

and you can deliberate all night Big Grin

Make sure the cellar is stocked Wink
Found this in a magazine this weekend and thought of this thread... Smile

Golden rules for safe turkeys:

If you're roasting turkey for the big day, follow these instructions before cooking, make sure frozen turkey is completely defrosted.

* Remember to wash your hands before and after handling turkey

* Always keep raw poultry away from food that is ready to eat

* Store raw turkey in the bottom of the fridge

* Clean worktops, dishes, utensils and chopping boards after they have touched raw poultry

* Do not wash your turkey - bacteria will splash onto surrounding surfaces. Proper cooking will kill any bacteria

* Keep leftover turkey in the fridge. Only take out as much as you need each time

* If reheating, make sure it is piping hot all the way through before you eat it. Don't reheat more than once. Try to use leftover within 48 hours.


Source: Somerfield Magazine
Cheffie Wrote:for 35 -45 minutes at 220c.

Whats this ? thought u chefs used gas ! Conversion table please :chef:

Robok Wrote:Whats this ? thought u chefs used gas ! Conversion table please :chef:


Whilst I use gas professionally and domestically.. there are some housewives who cook predominantly with electricity. Hence the Centigrade Wink

GM7 should do the trick fine.

Thermo fan ovens tend to cook quicker, so the time reduces proportionately as well Wink

Frozen turkey: I just don't get the point! :wall:
Bro.... if you are wondering how big the turkey should be...look here


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