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domestic help required

My husband and I live in Coulsdon in Surrey. We work from 7am-7pm, have a three bedroom house, and two young dogs.
We are desperately trying to find a domestic worker to help us 2-3 times a week.

Main priorities - watching over dogs, general house cleaning, washing & ironing.

In South Africa Domestic Workers are very easy to come by and part of everyones family, and over here I am finding it increasingly difficult to find a reliable housekeeper.

Would anyone be able to help me, or direct me accordingly.

Kindest regards

Exactly whereabout or how far from London do you live? I might know of somebody who would be interested. also which days and from what time to what time would you want her to work. Also, do you have a set price in mind that you would be willing to pay? the prson I have in mind already does few hours on a saturday afternoon for me and she is really good at what she does. I highly recomend her!

Let me know and I could have a chat with her!
we live in coulsdon, surrey, about 30 mins on a train from london victoria.
zone 6
Its on the horsham line.
its a stop after purley station.
can you give me an idea of costs etc

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