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Full Version: Sanral continues to increase safety measures
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South African National Roads Agency SOC Ltd (Sanral) says it will continue to increase safety measures for road users on the N2 in the Western Cape, by repairing fencing, broken street lights and vandalised cables.

Sanral on Sunday said it will continue to work closely with all law enforcement authorities to help address criminal activity along the route.

Sanral communications manager, Vusi Mona, said the occurrence of criminal activities on the freeways in Cape Town was a serious concern and that law enforcement authorities had to respond effectively.

“We operate more than 240 CCTV cameras from the Transport Management Centre (TMC) in Goodwood on a 24/7 basis, primarily on the lookout for traffic related incidents,” Mona said.

He added that over the last six months, Sanral detected at least 150 criminal related activities and immediately reported them to SAPS, Metro Police or Traffic services.

“At night, it is difficult to detect specific incidents. However, we have already invested in the use of thermal cameras that help detect incidents when lighting conditions are poor,” he said.

He added that Sanral and its stakeholders will investigate how the use of technology could assist law enforcement authorities to deal with crime incidents.

Sanral, as the implementing agent for the Cape Town Freeway Management System (FMS), covers 155 km of the busiest freeways that fall under the jurisdiction of the City of Cape Town, the Western Cape Government and Sanral.

“Unfortunately this is an ongoing problem that we continue to address. All Sanral pedestrian bridges on the N1, N2 and R300 near Cape Town already have caged enclosures,” said Mona.

“We have experimented with vandal proof fencing on top of the median concrete barrier on the R300, to deter pedestrians crossing this high speed road and we believe this will also deter criminal activity to some degree,” he added.

He said the fence on top of the centre barrier proofing on the R300 has been successful, and Sanral will continue to invest in such sustainable solutions.

Mona said it was important to note that, although detection and notification of all incidents have improved, it remained the ability of law enforcement authorities to respond effectively to such incidents, and this will be the determining success factor. -