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Full Version: low cost flights to south africa
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classic travel offer low cost oneway or return flight to all south african
we can offer in-direct or non-stop flights with 16 different airlines to
suit your budget.
special one way fares with SAA for south african passport holders.
we have special fares for the peak times of travel such as
easter,summer holidays and christmas.
a small deposit will secure your booking.
we are a late booking specialist.
please contact TOM 0207 586 1234 or email

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Anything coming up for the Christmas period?
I'll contact you Tom. Many of us have decided that SAA is a no-no if you want to go to Cape Town because now we have to first fly direct to Johannesburg. Why would we want to waste time there if it's easier to spend some time in London before the next direct flight to Cape Town ?
If the price is right, you might pick up a lot of business from the USA.
SAA also fly the crappy A340-600, which in itself, has many poor features for a passenger on such a long flight.
mcamp999 Wrote:Tom

Anything coming up for the Christmas period?

Tom, any replies on this yet?