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Full Version: Zimbabweans!
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I am hoping that I am not the only Zimbabwean here......

Born in Harare, lived in Bulawayo most of my life, lived in Joburg for 3 years while I studied and got onto the working ladder, back to Bulawayo and now in the UK with my family.



Rhodesian born and bred. Born in Que Que and schooled in Redcliff, QQ, and Bulawayo.
Well, I am not from Rhodesia/Zim, but my hubby was born there, and was there until the 80's. His family moved around a bit, but they lived in Que-Que mostly....
Lived in Bulawayo 1972 till 1982 - worked on the Rhodesia Railways and did my call ups in the army untill 1980.
Born in Senoia, moved to SA when I was more of a spring chicken than I am now .


Hubby was born in Mutare or as He prefers Umtali in 1961
but spent quite a bit of time in Buawayo where he did his apprenticeship on the the then Rhodesian railways.