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Full Version: Do You Have Any Pets?
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We're busy babysitting 3 gerbils called Pip, Squeak & Bubble. They belong to the school where my dad teaches & it looks like they may be making us their permanent home. They're adorable, alert, active & responsive little creatures. When I walk into the room where I'm keeping them, they all run up to see who's there. If I put my hand in their tank, they all rush over to snuffle my hand. When I cleaned their home on Sunday, I never imagined that I'd have 3 little animals helping me by digging the bedding I was trying to scoop out! :haha: They're pretty easy to take care of & I thoroughly recommend them if anyone is thinking of buying a small pet. They make far better pets than hamsters as they are not nocturnal.

Do you have pets? Please tell us all about them! :woof:
We have two cats.

Shadow is a wonderful 2 year old which has a lovely nature and is pure black but has slight bits of grey on his tale. He is a real bundle of fur and can be very playful but only on his terms.

Gemmie is a tortoise shell mix. She gets her name cause of her facial features as she is tortoise shell on one side and whitetish on the other side. She is a huge heavy cat. She is very over weight and is on a diet poor thing. She is a rescue cat so is very skittish and has a little tail which we think she was born with.
We now have a cat, Fries, as he is all white and black - looks like a Friesan cow.
He just lies around and does nothing, until you settle to read and then insists on sitting on or in front of the book, paper, magazine.
We have a cat at home - we took him in when his owner had to go to America (long story). He has three legs and is vegetarian (true - his own choice!). He came with a very lame name 'Little One' and is now known either as Hop-a-Long or Tripod, depending on the day.

The guy moving in by us has a rescue dog - seems to be a wire hair terrier - known as Jamie. He is eight years old and seems to have quite a personality on him.
We have 2 budgies Pepsi (6) (female), Dennis (5), Yorkshire Terrier called Candy..nearly 6 months old & some goldfish. We also had 2 hamsters but they died recently. Pepsi is very tame which is unusual for a female budgie. I sit & stroke Pepsi's head & it's as if she's hypnotised. Their cage door is open regularly so that they can stretch their wings...they fly in & out of their cage when they feel like it...sometimes they don't even come out. When we've been on holiday we've had friends looking after them & when we fetch them one can see that they recognise us. Candy is still in her puppy stages so she drives me insane at times. We only feed her dog pellets & don't spoil her at all. I also look after a 3 month old Yorkie puppy once a week...her name is Lotta. When we got Candy she was 9 weeks old & weighed 1,2 kg....Lotta is 3 months old & weighs 750gr!! The whole litter was very small.


we have a hamster......named son is dotty about him...:hartlik:
i would like an african grey parrot..they are just gorgeous...and my son would like a dog...but that will only come when we have our own home....:hartlik:
Have a mini Zoo !!!

A beautiful Japanese Akita, named Sassy - 7 allready, got her when she was 5 weeks old.
A little English Bulldog puppy, Zoë - almost six months now.
Two cats - an old male, Tom and a tortoise-shell kitten, Peggy.
A very alert, talkative African Grey - called Jonty.
3 Goldfish.
And a Turtle-dove which fell out of a tree a few weeks ago, still feeding it by hand. Wanted to let it go when ready to fend for himself - but has gotten so used to the dogs and cats, don't think it'll survive outside on his own.
You all have lovely pets! :woof: :thumbs: I'd love to get a dog & my son would love a cat. Maybe in the next year or so I'll look into getting a pet or two that we can cuddle. :p
We have a cat & she is so spoilt. She's a 2 year old tabby.
The only thing I don't like is when she brings in birds or insects into the house. When I am making sandwiches in the morning for my daughters school lunch, she always comes to the kitchen hoping for some ham or cheese. Also in the mornings she is so lovable but we can't be as always in such a rush then. She's now fast asleep on my daughters bed.
Venus Wrote:You all have lovely pets! :woof: :thumbs: I'd love to get a dog & my son would love a cat. Maybe in the next year or so I'll look into getting a pet or two that we can cuddle. :p

Good idea Venus.
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