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hilton_teper Wrote:To all City supporters,

Have added images to the gallery.


Cud u please tell me where I can find these images..thanks
Hi Rodney

the gallery is not functioning currently and we bringing a new system in shortly and then hopefully we will be able make everything available again

sorry for the inconvenience

Any news on any update to restore the memory of halcyon days of south african football. My dad, Andy Donnelly played in goal for Cape Town City under Frank Lord. Hartleyvale on Friday nights, sitting in the green railways stand watching some of the names below-magical!

Andy Donnelly
Terry Gulliver
Ken Scott
Ernie Yard
Ben Anderson
Willie Hunter
Jimmy Morrison
Gary France
Jingles Perreira
and others
Hi Mike

I watched the occasional game at Hartlevale on a Friday night

there is a pic of the CTC team when your dad was goalkeeper hopefully the images will be restored soon

and a belated welcome
Thanks for the welcome. Would appreciate any more info you could provide. :thx:
I remember Lordy's column in the Weekend Argus, titled Frank talk. He really was a character and I met him on a few occasions. Great bloke.
A few other names from those glory days: Vic Lovell (died of cancer more than 15 years ago), Tommy Claxton, Tony Brimacombe, Brian Kinsey, John Regan, Ian Towers and Peter Kerr.
And let's not forget that after George Eastham played as a guest for City, we went on to watch even bigger names such as England star Francis Lee and Leeds legend Peter Lorimer wear City's colours for a few games.
One of the posters was asking about a book on City. Possibly it was the one written by Eric Litchfield titled Cape Town City (The story of our famous club) and published by Howard Timmins.
I'm living in Australia now but often reflect on those halcyon Hartleyvale days and some of the memories. For example, a deep breath as you reached the top of the steps in the eastern section of the Hosking Stand would have your head spinning (courtesy of some dagga smokers on the ramps below).
And then there was the night City were leading 1-0 but had a goal disallowed, ostensibly for offside. As bottles were flung over that net in front of the Hosking Stand, the ground announcer said: "Don't throw bottles, your team's winning."
Those were indeed the days
Howdy cambo, it is quite incredible how often the Hosking Stand is referred to in nostalgia

now should I say High or Hi and welcome to the Buzz

Big Grin
Thanks D. Much appreciated. Someone also wrote about the IFA. That, of course, was where Greece's highly successful sides in the early 1960s paved the way for the establishment of Hellenic in the NFL.
I remember watching a game one Sunday at the Lyons Stadium where the referee was the legendary Charlie Morgan. There was a goalmouth scramble and the ball went behind the line for a corner or goal kick. "Corner" said ref. Morgan to which the Italian defender replied (pls excuse spelling): "Aicorna, no corner."
That was all old Charlie needed and he gave the bloke a spray which was heard by all of us spectators standing behind the goal.
I saw some pics of Green Point the other day and those once perfectly maintained fields seemed to be lacking in condition. How sad.
mcamp, myself and Ade played in the IFA league in the early 80's

as for Green Point Common, yes it has gone to pots, mainly due to school sports dropping off but with the World Cup coming the whole common area will be revamped for 2010

Green Point Football Club still exists

Big Grin
Dont forget Bro who played for Switzerland for many years, another 'star' guest player who came over and played for CTC was Kevin Keegan, but he only played one home game as far as I can remember. I was there that day and so were the TV cameras, I remember the excitement of being one of the spectators that the camera picked up.
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